21mu Tiffin 2021 Full Movie Download in Gujarati 480p WEB-DL

21mu Tiffin (Gujarati: transl. 21st Tiffin) is a 2021 Gujarati drama movie directed by way of Vijaygiri Bava, produced via Twinkle Vijaygiri below the banner Vijaygiri FilmOS. It is based totally on 21mu Tiffin, a short story by means of Raam Mori. The film is about a lady going for walks tiffin carrier enterprise. It became launched on 10 December 2021.

21mu Tiffin 2021 Full Movie Download in Gujarati 480p WEB-DL

21mu Tiffin Gujarati Movie Download 480p

Size: 300mb
Language: Gujarati
Quality : WEB-DL
Initial release: 10 December 2021
Director: Vijaygiri Bava

Niilam Paanchal performs a lady whose life is described by way of her position in the kitchen, till a stranger befriends her, and she or he starts offevolved to re-observe her existence.

The unnamed protagonist of Vijaygiri Bava’s Gujarati film 21mu Tiffin (2021) is like many girls throughout the country, whose unpaid labour runs the household. Here, however, the girl of the household also runs a tiffin service that her husband and 20-year-antique daughter Neetal (Netrie) see as something to be continued.

Niilam Paanchal plays the protagonist who has to expect many roles in her lifestyles. She is a dutiful mother, spouse, sister and daughter and is occasionally weighed down by way of these titles that outline her. Paanchal’s person would continue along with her lifestyles the same manner, were it not for the arrival of the twenty first tiffin by way of manner of Dhruv (Raunaq Kamdar).

Dhruv is a young man who arrives in Ahmedabad for a six-month work internship. Rooming with 3 others like him, he comes upon their delicious domestic tiffin, which he insists he need to have, too. Meanwhile, Neetal and her mother don’t have a specially near dating, which sours because the young female is home on holiday from university. She remains grumpy and disrespectful closer to her mom, in particular with regards to subjects managing the tiffin service.

Already stressed together with her ailing mother’s fitness and failing memory because of Alzheimer’s, plus her husband’s uncaring attitude closer to any domestic subjects, the protagonist to begin with turns down Dhruv’s request for a tiffin through her delivery guy Bhanu. When he makes a personal go to to her home and compliments her cuisine, she has a exchange of heart.

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